By Omugbe prisca - June 26, 2018

Was lying on my bed and suddenly I heard my name, I was too sure it was my cousin (Aunty Nneka). The following conversation transpired between us;
Aunty Nneka: Oke! (Am popularly called Oke by my family members)
Me: Yes
Aunty Nneka: There is a conference tomorrow at mauve 21; will you be going with me?
Me: Yes I will but what is it about?
Aunty Nneka: It’s an entrepreneurial conference.
Me: Wawu am so in this.

I and cousin Nekky 

Not knowing who the speakers were neither the name of the conference, I got dressed on Saturday morning fully prepared for the conference after executing all my house chores. I and my cousin arrived mauve 21 really late, hummm about two hours late due to some contingencies. Entering into the hall, the hall was so beautiful and well air conditioned. The advert of the program on the both sides of the hall from the projectors caught my attention.

I was wowed by the speakers I saw; Tara Durotoye, Steve Harris, Jimi Tewe (coordinator), Ife Adegbenro, wale Ayilara and other prominent people. I was more than excited, though I really didn’t know much about other speakers but was very conversant with Tara and Steve; you need to see how I stock them on Instagram lol. Abeg am not a famzer oh but I love to famz good things lol.

The conference was Bam!
Due to the fact I came late, I was only opportune to listen to Jimi Tewe, Ife Adegbenro and Tara Duroteye speak. I also witnessed two question and answer sections, it was so inspiring.

Ife Adegbenro shared her experience and she said, “As a lady, you must learn to overcome jealousy, be beautiful and dare to achieve great goals.

Jimi Tewe shared his experience of how he moved from timidity to an influential and impacting personality by finding purpose. He also shares four dimensions of intelligence and also talked about the 5Ps (promises, principles, products, promptings and practices).

Tara Durotoye emphasized more on knowing thyself!!! Because your success in all sphere of your life, centers around it.

Don’t want to go into so much detail but in all to become a great, successful and impacting personality, you must discover your purpose. God remains the foundation to good success.

Take time out to discover yourself, what are those things you are passionate about? What are your talents? What is God saying?

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