By Omugbe prisca - August 18, 2018

Do you know I can swim in an ocean for days?

Ahahaha! Don't give me that weird look, I was only kidding.

Elegushi beach is located around Lekki axis, Lagos, Nigeria. Stop at Chisco bus stop and from there it's a trekkable distance or you probably take a bike. I visited the Elegushi beach on a Tuesday but was told it was always populated during weekends and very lively. So if you go during weekends, your experience might be different from mine. There are two entrance majorly to the Elegushi beach but I advice you go through gate two to avoid an eye saw, I hope you know what I mean.

You will have to pay a gate fee of N1,000 and parking fee of N200 if you are with a car.
For me I didn't pay anything to enter, you can call it "awuf". I went with a friend who was very conversant with the Elegushi beach and the gatemen so relationship paid up our entrance fee.

A must for you
You shouldn't miss the view of the Elegushi beach from the point of the rocks stacked together. The horizon from this point looked more than a million dollars. The splash of water from the current that hit the rocks is so refreshing. The rhythm from the current sounds like a lullaby. The air from the Elegushi beach is so clean and pure. You need to have this beach experience, words won't be enough to express the feeling.

Don't miss this
The feel of the salty Elegushi beach water on your feet  and the sand at the shore. It's so cool and comforting. I walked in it  for a while, though at the shore area.

An opportunity
Luckily for me, I found an abandoned boat at the far shore of the Elegushi beach. I never knew a boat was that heavy with the way it appeared so light on water.

Things to take along to Elegushi beach 

  • A sun shade would be very important.
  • Dress in comfortable wears. 
  • A mat might also be useful if you have plans to relax. 

Things you could do at Elegushi beach 
  • Go on a horse ride. 
  • Play games. 
  • Relax and enjoy the cool breeze from the beach. 
  • Hold a picnic or a get together. 
  • Eat and drink.
  • Take pictures if you are a freak like me. 

Was it worth it? 
My Elegushi beach experience was actually worth it and I don't mind having this experience again. Now I look forward to a boat ride.

In conclusion
This Elegushi beach experience has left me to my imagination of how much God loves humanity to have given us the gift of nature. It's a treasure to be explored.
Now I understand why Louie Schwartzberg said "nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude".

P. S
Have you visited the Elegushi beach or any other beach? I will be more than excited to get your feedback.

What am saying
Have a great weekend loves.

Thanks for reading ☺ and hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. I can't wait the feelings your are feeling now. Definitely I won't want Ringo alone. I have to go with my Babymmmm. I have actually been to Takwa Bay and the experience is so clear in my memory even thou it was 12yeara ago. Miss Prisca, for your wish of crushing a speed boat, u need to visit Takwa Bay.

    1. Wow will definitely try Takwa Bay. You shouldn't really go alone. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Now I want to visit this Beach

    1. Am glad you feel so now. It's an experience that's worth it. Thanks reading.

  3. Awwwn..I can't wait to have an experience. So you did not pay for gate fee smh. Corruption. Lol

    1. Lol, it's called favour and am glad you liked this piece.

  4. I have always loved the beach scene. It is always beautiful to capture. There is so much love to be shared with friends and family once ya'al get on the beach. I should visit here someday. Thanks for sharing dear.

    1. Awwnnn the breach scene is so lovely,thanks for stopping by .

  5. I had only visited Elegushi Beach once, and it was in the night. I shot a birthday party till dawn. And trust me when I say; that was one wild experience of the beach a lot have not seen. Having the view of the horizon when the sun sets on the water given such shinny golden feel is the most wow (though scary��) but beautiful experience of the beach that I have had. You guys need to try the wild side of life sometimes!

    1. Wow, I will love to see that view. Thanks Sammie, am glad you found this piece insightful.

  6. Part of the place I wanna visit when I get back to Lagos

    1. It's gonna be cool, make sure you take pictures.