By Omugbe prisca - September 26, 2018

Yes! I can travel from one country to another with a flat tire.
Does that sound hilarious?

Most times we get so carried away about pursuing our dreams that we forget to adhere to some hard facts.
It gets so tedious when you work 9 – 5 and finally get stuck in traffic, it could be so crazy and most times end up taking dinner in traffic (drinks and snack). I have had my fair share of this too. While I had to work 9 – 6, I was slowly loosing myself. I became so unfit, stressed out and had a terrible diet system. I barely knew how to manage work and health together. Finally I stumbled on a write up by John C. Maxwell, the write up reads thus;

"As someone who hasn’t always taken his health seriously, I want to emphasize the importance of this area of your life. I took my health for granted until I had my heart attack in 1998 – and even after that, I struggled to embrace healthy living. Fortunately, I’ve gotten better over time. And I’ve discovered that there is no substitute for making daily choices to eat the right amount of nutritious foods and engage in the right amount of physical exercise".

I will share some personal tips I discovered and I hope you find them helpful too.

1. Healthy breakfast: Never start your day without a healthy breakfast, even if it’s a cup of coffee or tea, depends on what works best for you. This is important because breakfast helps you feel more focused for the day and prevents snacking thereby helping you prevent unnecessary build up of calories.

2. Snacking: Avoid too much intake of snack and carbonated drinks. If possible replace junk with good food or fruits. You could also make your own fresh juice or smoothie or probably place an order. Also take lot of water.

I used to be a fan to a particular type of carbonated drink that I could take at least two bottles a day and I don’t mind doing that for the whole week, too bad right? I had to give myself some candid talk. I started replacing this drink with water, sincerely it was hard but I got over this addiction. Now I am in perfect control of what I take and most times I go for water. So if you are addicted to snacking or carbonated drinks, yes it’s very possible to reduce the intake. You just need to have a candid talk with self and friends could also help out.

3. Physical Exercise: It’s not enough to only watch what you eat, but also engage in physical exercise. The body is likened to a car which when not serviced will surely breakdown, not withstanding that the fuel tank is full.  Avoid sitting in a spot for too long; ensure you take a walk once in a while.
Also develop a workout routine. It could be as simple as walking, jogging or skipping in the morning or evening, at least three times a week. You could also visit a gym at least three times in a week.

These activities will help you burn some calories, keep fit, promote productivity and improve your health.

In conclusion
Remember that when the engine of a car goes bad, the car goes nowhere. The engine of your body is your health, so take good care of it.

Thanks for reading and I will love to hear from you

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  1. Healthy living is very important because good health is what enables us to perform all our daily activities.
    In recent times now, I have made it priority to eat fruit everyday and also invest in supplement for revitalization of the body. We all need to learn to 'service' our body!
    Thanks for sharing dear!

    1. you are perfectly right. Fruit intake can't be ignored. Thanks for also sharing.

  2. Great tips there Prisca. I'd sure look into paying more attention to breakfast.

    1. cool about the breakfast thing. Thanks for stopping by dear .

  3. Wonderful one dear......emphasis really needed

  4. Replies
    1. Am excited you loved the tips. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see more of you.