By Omugbe prisca - October 20, 2018

1. Everyone around me suddenly wants to travel abroad. Been thinking about what this trend is all about, someone please tell me what is happening, I need to know oh.

2. Recently helping my cousin set up a bag business. I have learnt a lot about bag making that I even feel like a pro.  I also helped her design a logo as a graphic designer (I know you are not aware about that 😉) and I also help her manage her IG handle you could check out @ugbags_

3. I am currently cooking up something and when I am done you will definitely taste it.

4. Adulthood has been hitting me hard lately. The thought of being responsible to lots of things sometimes feels scary. Adulthood feels like a scam but with God I will definitely pull through. Who feels this way too?

5. I took the big step of going natural last year and had my big chop in April 2018 (transitioning). Since then I have always packed my hair the pineapple bum style but just last week I decided to try something different. I rocked my shrinked natural hair and it really looked super cool. I am a happy naturalist; don’t be too scared to join the gang. Check here to see how I  rocked the magical natural hair.

6. I have been on a journey of self discovery and I have been amazed at my discoveries. I am happy at the person God is helping me to become.

7. All these aunties that would not let you be, I was surprised when my aunty asked “when are you bringing him home?” pretending like I did not know what she was saying, I asked “aunty which him?”, immediately my cousin from behind said “do you think you are a small girl?”. I just stood wondering how they were taking panadol on my own headache. They are all  right though, its part of the demands of adulthood especially in this part of the world.

8. Life is teaching me a lot about being grateful for every single thing; be it the good, bad, beautiful and ugly. I thank God for the grace.

9. The smell of Christmas has saturated my nostrils. I hope it would not be wrong wishing you a merry Christmas in October lol. I am not to blame, it’s simply because everything around me speaks Christmas. I really wish this year; I have my childhood Christmas back. Who also feels this way too?

10. I have also decided to start a story series titled “Christmas Miracle”. It was a story sometimes last year, that makes me believe in last minute miracles. This story also brought me a cash prize. I sincerely wish the story inspires you to know that defining miracles still happens during the Christmas season.

11. There have been lots of political rants; I am looking forward to 2019 election. Am excited I have my PVC but on a second thought does my vote really count? Yes it definitely does, I will do my part and leave the rest to God. I hope you have your PVC or TVC?

12. I actually thought I had a 12th point 😁

How has things been for you lately? Will really love to hear from you.
Thank you

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  1. Very beautiful piece. I love your openness and originality. The society is definitely tougher on single ladies. Everyone is suddenly concerned for you. As a single guy, I'm under microscopic pressure. And good to know you're business savvy. Cheers.

    1. Thanks so much much for stopping by . Our society and marriage Lol

  2. Cool stuff...especially the natural hair part and the when are you bringing him home part....hahahaaahahaaa

    1. Natural hair is bae and for bringing home, God is in charge. Thanks for stopping by dear.

  3. 4,6,8,9, my thoughts lately too, thanks for sharing