By Omugbe prisca - October 05, 2018

Alright guys, we are here with another mind thrilling series on National Youth Service (NYSC) for prospective and serving Corps member and our dear audience/readers.

If you are a Nigerian graduate, and you are yet to serve, or you are serving or you have served your Fathers’ land (Nigeria), you will have one thing or the other to put you in remembrance or in anticipation as I take you through the life experience of a typical Corp member  at the National orientation camp.

The National youth Service is divided into four cardinal segments;
1. The orientation camp.
2. The place of primary assignment.
3. The secondary assignment known as Community Development Service (CDS).
4. The rounding up known as passing out parade (POP).

I had a three weeks (21 days) life changing experience at Nonwa Gbam Tai orientation camp, Rivers state, Nigeria.

Fully fledged

Before I dive into the whole experience which you  have so much anticipated, I will love to drop this very heart throbbing and inspiring National Anthem of the National Youth Service Scheme here.

Youths obey the clarion call
Let us lift our Nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria is ours
Nigeria we serve.

This is one striking anthem that melts the fat of mission in my body. It is every patriots dream and wish to see her nation developed in every respect.

Okay, I won’t bore you with much talk anymore. We are plunging into the ocean of life at camp right away.

You know what happens to your whole being when you have so much anticipated  an experience right? It was the same feeling I had and same with most persons I interacted with on camp. One sure testimony of many about camp, was that “camp was fun!”.

Arrival on camp

Now do not get it twisted when I say fun (smiles). There are lots of ways to have  fun out there in the world but this one here, is sure a regimented fun. First day on camp looked weird for me because I was not used to seeing both male and female in the same outfit. As it were, we are mandated to change into our white shorts and white shirts as you secure an accommodation. White is the official wear on camp that sponsored the popular name ‘WHITE FOWLS or OTONDO’ on camp. There are other names I got familiar with during drills. Lest I forget, I used the term regimented to represent a controlled lifestyle and that was what was what camp represented. They exerted the control in our daily routine. We were  told when to wake up (Bugle by 5:00 A.M), when to eat, when to sleep (10:00 P.M) and lots more.


In between the time for sleeping and waking up holds several activities you won’t want to miss especially for the sake some special uncles and Aunts (Soldiers, police and Man ‘O’ war) we had on camp. They were however very friendly to Corp members.

Few days into the camping experience, platoon officers identidied with each platoon and platoon leaders elected among Corp members. A platoon is a subdivision of Corp members for accountability, control and direction sake. Each camp has ten (10) platoons with a platoon officer (civilian), platoon commander (soldier) and other officials to oversee its affairs. It may interest you to know that I served as one of the platoon leaders.

Soldier vibe 

This was just an informative piece, watch out for the next mind blowing series of my experience on camp.

Written by: Bobmanuel

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  1. That means I had two secondary place of assignment lol... Nice one dear

    1. Wow, that was a big one. Would love to hear more about that. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great work happening here... Catheyo.. Thank you so much for this privilege. .

  3. Nice one..... I should share my own Experience too Some day.