By Omugbe prisca - October 16, 2018

Another story time!
Last week I shared my experience about the NYSC orientation camp and I was really excited about the feedback I got.

Today marks the end on this series and I egarly look forward to your contributions.
Come along let me, as I take you through the activities proper on camp.

There were several interesting activities on camp and the best was at the kitchen. Please ignore my gestures but that is just truth. I had the best Camp Director and state coordinator.

A typical day commences with morning meditation by 5:00 A.M. To me, this was the best moment on camp with the presence of the spontaneous, eloquent and stylish Dan talker. We had songs of worship alongside praise to open up the day. Thereafter, we listen to the meditation of the day from each platoon as values have been distributed to each platoon to write on and live by on camp.

We have values like service, humility, loyalty, discipline, humility, character, team work, dedication, and others that make up ten. Right there on the parade ground, we witness the rising of the giant of Africa as she is woken up by the bugle at 6:00A.M sharp every day. The drills kick in immediately with light exercise, marching (left, right, at ease and attention), band rehearsals and others.

Well, at this point you may be thinking that is all there is to the camp and I say no it is just the tip of the ice berg. Just when you think you have seen it all, here comes inter platoon competition where platoons compete for the title of being best or the first from the rear. Major competitions were football (male), volleyball (female), dance, cooking, drills (marching), Miss NYSC, Mr Macho, Big Bold and Beautiful (BBB) and others.

I won’t want to go into details on the competitions so you don’t get bored. For the sake of this experience, there is this one popular mustering point called ‘Maami market’ (smiles)…I nick named it ‘Buy me’. It has just the right kind of attraction for any one. It is a place where food (varieties) is sold, drinks (soft and hard), and fruits, wears e.t.c. You can choose to spend your bicycle, transport, and monthly allowance (23,200 in all) within a glance there and then trek home if you have no savings. Beware of evening Maami market strolling and those photographers. You get your first allowance (alawee) as bicycle and transport allowance (1,400 and 1,800) at the end of your first week on camp. Your first allowance is given the last week of camp which is 19,800 as at 2018.

Lastly before I drop the pen, take all necessary items you need but DO NOT BUY EXPENSIVE STUFF please. If you go with anything expensive and you look for it back home do not say I didn’t mention it here.

Some useful tips
1. Try to maintain serenity with the use of the rest room and other facilities made available.

2. Everybody will not think like you, just try to make a difference.
You will meet the good, bad and ugly make your choice wisely.

3. Get involved in the activities.
Beware of SAED O!

4. Be your own security.

5. Have fun and do not miss my kind of kitchen for anything (save cost) if you love awuf like me.


Written by: Bobmanuel Ehijale

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