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Miss Moyosoreoluwa is the Young CEO of Moshowers, a grand event planning company that she started while in school, and has grown it into a prestigious company worthy of emulation in the event planning industry. She shares with us the great risks she had to take to bring her company to life and her experience managing staffs at a young age.

DA: You recently celebrated Mo'showers third anniversary, what is the inspiration behind this big dream?

Mo’showers: First of all it has been my passion, I discovered some years ago that during family functions I was never seated and I loved to organize events and get-together for family and friends.

Since I pay close attention to details and love creativity, I then decided to make a living out of it. I come from a family where majority of my family members are business oriented, that motivated me to also look within me for something I could do excellently and that birthed Moshowers Events In July 23 2015, I was organizing birthdays and get together.

I got my first job in November 2016 in ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. It was the union of Mr Akeem Kolawolw and Mrs Khairat Kolawole. I am using this opportunity to appreciate everyone that believed in me and still believes in me, Thank you so much.

DA: What aspect of event planning did you start with and how were you able to incorporate others?

Mo’showers:  I started with bridal shower, baby shower and planning small birthday parties for my friends till I got my first wedding job in November 2016.

DA: How were you able to raise funds when you started and how much did you start up with?

Mo’showers: Like I said while celebrating my 3rd year anniversary, it wasnt all easy I had to take some risks to achieve all of these. In 2015, I knew I will be a party planner not a wedding planner at first.
So let me tell you a quick story about the brand Moshowers Events on how I started and how I got my money for training;
I remember telling my dad when I was in 100Level that I wanted to learn how to do professional makeup and the passion I have for events (If you know me well, even before I became a planner, Im always everywhere during family functions) he told me Wait till you finish school then you can go ahead and do that I just told him okay sir but within me, I knew I really wanted to do more for myself.

Fast forward to 200Level during my IT, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing woman, CEO, Labana Events, I spoke to her about my passion for planning events and she told me the amount she will collect before she can train me. Then, it was a huge amount of money, I didnt have the money but I told her I will get back to her.
Some weeks later, My dad sent my 300Level school fees to my account and the first thing that came to my mind was Moyo, you can use this money for the training and you think of how to get it later   I thought about it for a few days and I made up my mind to pay for the training.

And I remember contacting Aunty Tinu of Teeshowers in 2015 too. It also started from stalking her on IG till I got everything I wanted to know about bridal showers & baby showers and also about party supplies to use for each showers. Thank you so much ma, youve been an inspiration since Day 1 and I really appreciate you!

P.S I know you want to know if I paid my school fees that year and how I paid my school fees that year.  Lol, Yes I did and all thanks to an amazing soul. (If youre seeing this, thanks again)

DA: What has been your greatest challenge so far? And how did you overcome it?

Mo’showers:  I think one of my greatest challenges is combining school with a business like event planning. It hasnt been easy schooling and still building an event planning brand; weve had ups and downs! Days we couldnt take some jobs because I had exams or very important things to do in school, but in all we thank God for his faithfulness.

Secondly, if I have to be real, I think my stature was once a problem.  Most of my clients gave me the Can this small girl handle our event look, but I think I have been able to overcome that because at the end of every first meeting I discovered they are always convinced that the small girl can actually handle their events.

DA:  How were you able to attract your wonderful team members and manage them till date?

Mo’showers:  As they say, a tree cannot a forest; Moshowers Events is Moshowers Events today because of a wonderful and amazing team work. God has blessed me with the most amazing team members; they know exactly the right things to do even before I say it.
Everyone in my team is diligent, hardworking and goal driven. Managing them hasnt been a problem, they are wonderful people who see and take the brand as theirs.

DA: Looking back, what would you tell the young girl about to start mo'showers?

Moshowers:  Errmn, its hasnt been a smooth ride but then God has been awesome. I think what I would have told the young girl about to Start Moshowers Events is never to leave God out of her business at any point. He (God) is the foundation of Moshowers Events and what can we do without source? Secondly, in event planning trust and honestly is key. Your client must be able to trust you with their event, money, etc. Hard work and consistency shouldnt be left out in other to stay relevant in the event industry.

DA: What training should people who aspire to be event planners get?

Mo’showers:  Ill advise someone who aspire to be an event planner to get a formal training on Event planning & Management from a professional event planner and then keep interning, keep going for conferences and training because everyone keeps learning. Nobody knows it all.

DA: How did you come this far?

Moshowers:  Honestly I can only say it has been God helping me with everything I do. God, hard work, diligence, consistency and the fear of failure which keeps me on my toes daily

DA:  Your mentors?

Moshowers:  My amazing Mum, My wonderful sisters & brother, Pastor Muyiwa Areo, Pastor Temitope Areo, Pastor Jumoke Adenowo, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, Dolapo Oni Marcy (Career-wise), then a young amazing Dr.

DA:  A word to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Moshowers:  It is definitely not going to be a smooth ride although but with God on your side, hardwork, diligence, consistency and commitment you WILL make it to the top.

DA: How can we reach you?

Moshowers:  You can reach me on
Instagram: @moshowers_events, Twitter: @moshowers_event, Mobile number/WhatsApp: 08101514023.

Interviewed by: Dilianne

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  1. Thanks dear. We must take risks if we want to be great. Most people say it, but very few are prepared for it.

    1. Yeah, you are absolutely right ;only few are prepared for it indeed .

  2. Inspiring. Thank you dear.

  3. The biggest risk is not even taking a risk More grace and More winning.......

    1. Well said,thanks for reading. Am glad you were inspired.