By Omugbe prisca - November 26, 2018

Growing up we all have been conditioned to the idea of having a new year resolution at the end or the beginning of the year. Often than not, these resolutions only end up in our journals forgotten or hung sickly on the wall by the side of our beds. As days roll into weeks and weeks into months, the resolution get unnoticed. Research has shown that only 8% actually achieve their new year resolutions. It’s really frustrating when you don’t achieve your set goals for the year and trust me I have been there. Here are three steps that will help you stay productive about your resolutions for the year.

1. Avoid too much on your plate
As a result of falling short of a particular year resolution, we tend to make endless list for the new year. Instead of doing this, keep the list very simple. Make room for unseen contingencies. So instead of saying “I will read a book every month, you could say “I would read a book every two months or a book every quarter that way it feels more realistic and achievable.

2. Set measurable goals
Don’t be too ambitious when setting your goals. don’t go all general about your goals make it specific. Here is a vivid example of what I mean; instead of saying you want to cut down on your intake of junk, especially when you do that everyday. It would be better to say Wednesdays and Fridays are junk free days. This makes this goal more measurable.

3. Get others informed
When you keep friends and family informed about your goals, they help you stay in check and serve as reminders. For me, one of my goals for the year is learning how to drive, though I haven’t started, my entire family keeps ringing the bell in my head. I would definitely do that before the year runs out. OOPS! I just told you about this goal so am sure to get some reminder from you too.

So guys lets plan for a more productive 2019 and I hope you had a great read. I would love to hear your opinion and contributions at the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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