By Omugbe prisca - November 07, 2018

Sometimes last two weeks I did a post on dethroning inconsistency. In this post I will be sharing practical ways to remain consistent with your goals.

Let’s walk through this together.

What has been consistent with majority of us has been inconsistency and I must say same has happened to me too. Now I am fired up about accomplishing a task and half way through it, I am completely out of track. I have always wondered why inconsistency was so common and so cheap, and then I realized that self will never allow you do those things that bring you closer to your dreams. That is why I have the saying that states “the first enemy of you is you, if you can get rid of self then you have destroyed your major enemy”.
Here are the 6 practical steps which can change inconsistency to consistency;

1. Discipline
 This has to do with being able to abide to certain rules. You don’t have to be all hard on yourself by setting unrealistic goals. You can start from the simplest things such as sleeping /waking up time, exercise time, study time, chatting time, TV time, gist time and I could go on and on because the list is endless. Try to create a time table for each day and try doing that before a new day starts.

2. Seek inspiration
Continually read about successful people and how they were able to become successful. This will help keep you inspired to remain on your toes because success is not cheap. Locate people who will inspire you, read up their biography or autobiography and make sure you follow them on their social media handle. This will help you know that there is nothing extra ordinary about them just that they went the extra mile and they remained consistent.

3. Mind your company
The company you keep has a life lasting impact on you. Do well to keep the company of serious and goal orient minded people. This type of company of friends will always inspire you to remain on your toes. Remember the saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” and I say “show me your friend and I will tell you where you are going”.

4. Now mindset
The major brain behind inconsistency is laziness and procrastination. Most times we push what is for now to later and later it never gets done. Whenever you feel like doing what is for now later, speak loudly to yourself saying “I have to do it now not later”. This works for me a lot because I believe in the saying “be careful what you say to yourself because you are listening”.

5. Reward your wins
Naturally as humans we are motivated by reward. For every week or day as the case might be that you get to pull through with your plans, you should give yourself a nice treat by getting something nice for yourself. It could be clothes, shoes, bags, wrist watches e. t. c. or you could probably treat yourself to a nice place. If you are a person who is addicted to taking a particular food or drink every day, you could tell yourself that “if I don’t finish the outlined task for the day I am not entitled to take that bottle of drink or whichever as the case might be”.

6. Have a purpose
Having a purpose will help you define your action. That purpose will serve as a drive to keep you committed to achieve your goals.

I hope you found these tips insightful? Will also love to get more tips from you; just drop your comment in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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  1. A beautiful one Cathy.....loved d read

  2. Simple and precise. Laziness and procrastination really kills glorious destiny and the G factor shouldn't be under emphasized. Thanks Cathy...... From your No1 Fan (No1 Apostle if Real Estate)

    1. Definitely God factor is the most ultimate. Thanks for stopping by. No 1 apostle of real estate.

  3. Lol...I needed this! Awesome piece

  4. Great read. Thanks for sharing.