By Omugbe prisca - January 28, 2019

I was so eager about attending the Youth Entreprise Conference organized by Akin Alabi. Before this conference I was so excited about making a blog post of the entire conference but right now I am thinking if I actually want to do so. My reason is not farfetched.  I arrived the venue an hour behind schedule. The conference started by 10:00 AM but I arrived at 11:00 AM. On my arrival at the venue, I saw so many people standing outside the hall. The hall was full, “Gbam!” (A sound made when surprised). “I had to find my way in” I told myself.  I finally made my way in but I was to stand, obviously all the seats were occupied. After standing for a while, my legs started feeling weak and almost immediately I sighted a cute slim guy seating. Immediately I walked up to him and said “please could I seat with you?” that was how I finally got a seat. Story time over, now to the lessons leant.

The first speaker I met was Akin Alabi. He shared his success story but he emphasized on the following points;
1. To become successful, you have to stop making excuses.
2. As an entrepreneur sell what people want to buy.
3. Before you create a product, find a market.

The second speaker Olashile Abayomi CEO Soupamarket, shared her success story about how she started her food business. She moved from being mocked to being made. Today she delivers soups and stew within and outside Nigeria. She presently consults for Nestle, Maggie and Cadbury. She emphasized on the following;
1. Seek God first.
2. Stay through with your vision.
3. Remain exclusive and avoid competition. 4. The only competition you have is you.
Have a niche for yourself.
5. Avoid unnecessary company and mange your time properly.
6. Trust your process and avoid comparison.
7. Always mind your business.

These two speakers left me with lessons I would never forget in a hurry. Eight speakers were present for the conference but I only listened to two of them. Don’t give me that unserious look. Don’t forget I was late and I was sitting at the rare back where the noise was so much.

Another interesting part was the One Million Naira grant, were 10 business owners won One Hundred Thousand Naira each. It was nice watching various people pitch their businesses. What made everything super amazing was buying “The small business big money” by Akin Alabi at Two Thousand Naira which was an awuf price for that day from Five Thousand Naira.

In conclusion,
The conference was amazing. I learnt some really key things which I already shared. I look forward to attend YECO 2020 by Gods grace and I definitely would not be late again because I already learnt my lesson in a hard way. I also encourage you to attended YECO 2020

I would love to hear from you especially if you attended the conference or ever attended any YECO conference.  If you didn’t attend I would still love to hear from you in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I personally found Mr Akin Alabi a shrewd entrepreneur, and I think a meeting with him was a thousand times worth it. Kudos

  2. I attended YECO 2017 in Lagos and it was amazing .

    1. Am glad to hear this.I look forward to yeco 2020 by Gods grace

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  4. Wonderful read.....thanks for the tips

  5. Good one! Lessons within lessons

  6. Please when is 2020 edition coming up. I have never attended but I heard a lot about it. I don't want to miss it