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There I was, doing my own thing on social media, instagram to be precise when l stumbled on a particular IG account that caught my attention. I quickly checked out the account and I was so thrilled infact being thrilled is an understatement. I saw a perfect picture of team work, a fun filled and work friendly environment. I fell in love with the brand almost immediately, so I quickly clicked the follow button without thinking twice. I was so eager to know who the CEO was as I could not tell from the pictures I saw. I clicked the link in bio and I somehow linked to the CEO's account. You should know I did not waste anytime to hit the follow button. I got a dm almost immediately saying "Hiya, ☺️ Thank you for following me. I really appreciate 🙏🙏🙏. Do enjoy the rest of your day. ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾" and that was how conversation started. If you know me lately, I love to meet new people and sustain a long conversation with them especially when I find them interesting and inspiring.

Fast forward to 6 months later, I finally met him 😀, mhennn it was so worth it. I just sat there with him wondering how someone could be so knowledgeable, hardworking, disciplined, humble and self motivated to succeed. He redefined my view about a lot of things if I must succeed. I would not be going into details because I am trying to suppress the story teller in me.

I know you have been wondering who this person is right? The next few paragraphs says it all.

Mr. Oghoghozino Otefia is the founder/ CEO Aggital Works. He is highly result oriented and, adent about creativity and project delivery. With years of experience, he has worked and deliverd projects for various businesses, organizations and individuals in Nigeria, Canada, Germany, India and the United Kingdom.

Oghoghos passion is to continuously extend the limit of creativity and innovation through providing creative digital solutions for individuals, start-ups and existing brands. Currently, he leads a team of young, dedicated and creative experts and also serve as the MD/CEO at Aggital Works; a digital agency in lagos, helping businesses fully grasp the fast developing digital age through creative innovations, intelligent design and project delivery.

The agency which is just one year, has imprinted its mark in the creative industry. Also, he is currently working on Aggital Academy; a learning management system to enhance and develop the skill and knowledge of people, businesses and organizations through very interactive eLearning courses which can be taken both online and offline.
 He is a certified facilitator/ trainer and force to reckon with in the digital and creative industry.

I know you are interested in knowing the story behind the glory. Just continue reading to find out. A little hint; you would be inspired.

VM: How old are you? 
Mr. Zino: 27 years old

VM: Tell us about your childhood, what influenced your ideology about work?
Mr. Zino:Well, I'd say I came from a family that was once wealthy, we had everything we wanted but at some point, my dad lost his investments in some share and got broke and things really became so
hard. So, I grew up understanding that life is not a bed of roses. At 17, I took the initiative and decided to stop collecting money from my parents. Over time, I got into so many things which music was one of them. I played the guitar and even learnt to
play the trumpet, I rehearsed so much that I could outplay lots of people in the industry and went for shows upon shows and earned money, this in itself shows the amount of hard work I put into what I do.

VM: What’s your educational background?
Mr. Zino: I studied computer science. But initially I wanted to study chemical engineering because the plan from childhood was to complete schooling and my dad fix me up in a good place to work. It was so bad that I wrote JAMB five times. I was sort of too proud to take the courses I was always offered, so I had to go rewrite jamb all over. And one thing that played a key role in my life is the God factor; He guided me to try my hands on computers. I eventually went to the National Open University, then because I was very good, I got my first job while schooling in a corporate environment. I worked with Harrybaker for five years and I got the job by my skill not by any connection. While I was there I did some professional certification, then I also I discovered I was good at management even though I know how to code and design websites. It was not easy at all, working and schooling. But I knew where I was headed so I tarried.

DA:  What inspired you to start up your own digital company?
Mr. Zino:  Well, I was called into this by God Himself as He made me understand there's a need to creatively transform businesses, organizations, individuals, basically life in general and make all fit for the digital age, like we all know the digital age is fast approaching, and any business, organization or person who does not move with the trend will not thrive the digital age. So I was inspired by this need which God called me to meet.  It also forms part of my call in life.

DA:  When you decided to startup, what were the steps you took?
Mr. Zino:  I have been "cutting PPs" as a web developer before, I equally had a computer and a router, so first, I had to bring in a graphics designer, who started working with me in my house, then we moved to an office in Lekki where we operated like we own the office, but paid monthly to use the space, then after a while I decided to bring in more people, get our own office space, furnished the office with tables, chairs, then got computers, got another generator, and gradually moved to becoming what we are now.

DA:  How much did you start up with and how were you able to raise funds?
Mr. Zino:  I cannot give an exact figure but the running cost is well over 7 million naira within a year. About raising fund, I initially applied for CBN YEDP Loan, which I was supposed to get 7 million naira, but I eventually didnt take the loan even after i have gone through the whole loan process and have been approved because God told me He never instructed me to take the loan, so basically its has been savings and God's provision.

DA:  How did you expand from being a web designer into a reputable company?
Mr. Zino:  After working on so much web projects in the past and delivering global standards in every project I executed, I got so much referrals and my client base expanded, so when the call came to start the company, the transition was swift.

DA:  How were you able to get the right team members to work with?
Mr. Zino:  About this, i will say through the help of God, because while it was time to hire people, names came to mind, which means i already knew them, and thats a policy I implement; hiring friends who buys into your vision.

VM: How did your team grow together up to this point?
Mr. Zino: At Aggital, our culture is “Work is fun and the job still gets done”. Most of us stay in the office apartment which helped us understood ourselves better and established a good relationship as to work. We go out to fun many times as a way to establish team bonding. Here in Aggital, We operate and Holocratic system that allows people work in circles, roles are defined around the work, not people, and everyone is bound by the same rules, CEO included.
Rules are visible to all, so this makes everyone work with their minds, no boss, no oga, we all are working towards a particular goal. The point I'm trying to prove to the world is that Work can be
fun, and the job still gets done. I will write a book on this sometimes later using Aggital as a case study.

DA:  What major mistakes are small digital companies making in this current age?
Mr. Zino:  One major mistake small digital agencies make which i like to talk about is their inability to conduct a proper feasibility study as to understanding the market they are going into before launching out.

DA:  What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?
Mr. Zino:  My two-fold advice to young entrepreneurs is one; do not focus on Making Money for now, but Adding Value. Secondly, be diligent irrespective of whatever happens, and in no time you will see yourself growing faster than you imagine.

I hope you had a great read? I am eagerly looking forward to hear from you in the comment box.

Thanks for reading.

Intetview section extracted from valour Max (VM) and dilianne (DA) www.dilianne.com

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  1. Beautiful. Such a young achiever

  2. Interesting. Destiny is truly an adventure

  3. This is truly inspiring. I learnt 3 major things. 1.Seek God, 2.proper research to understand the market as a small business owner and 3.value addition. Well I can't say I didn't know these but there's need to always get reminded about them 👍

    1. Yeah you are right. Time to time we need to get reminded. Am glad you found the post insightful.

  4. I am inspired. Well done dear

  5. Wow! I'm thrilled! The fact that he's young and knows God amazes me. We need more people like this in politics too. Prisca, keep up the good work and thanks for this. God bless you real good.