By Omugbe prisca - February 18, 2019

I have been thinking about somthing lately, please hear me out.

Most times we get so overwhelmed about our needs and about our dreams that we can’t help but worry as humans that we are. What gives us assurance is Gods word because God can not fail and he never lies so keep holding on to God’s word, never let go.

So many things around us tend to put us under pressure, ranging from friends to social media. One thing we must avoid is putting ourselves under pressure. Remember you are not in competition with anyone, the only competition you have is you (your procrastination, your bad habits e. t. c.). We are not in any race with anyone, we are individually running our own race and no two people have the same race.  Stop comparing yourself with others and stop wishing to be like someone else. Just make sure you are being productive per time and you are not just being busy.

Get genuinely happy when good things happen to people around you especially when it’s something you desire.  Avoid envy, avoid jealousy, stop hating and start loving.

In the next few paragraphs I will be sharing ways of overcoming the two major sources of pressure.

Social media 
It’s true that social media has made the world a global village but it definitely has its own disadvantages. Social media has a lot of benefits especially for business promotion. Social media has also brought feelings of inadequacy, envy, jealousy, anxiety and unhealthy self comparison. There is a simple way out; follow people who inspire you and learn to mind your own business. Remember that those showcasing success on social media actually went through a process and you are also in that process too, so no need for negative vibes.

Avoid keeping friends that put you under some much pressure. Keep friends who believe in your abilities, keep friends who inspire and encourage you. One thing that has kept me going is the kind of people I allow into my life. Be very picky when it comes to who you allow into your life. No wonder Charlie Tremendous Jones said “you will be the same in five years as today except for the books you read and the people you meet”.

I trust you had a great read? I will be super excited to get your opinions, just click on the comment box.

Thanks for reading.

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