By Omugbe prisca - March 21, 2019

Life has been a bit of here and there lately, it has been too realistic but in all I am so excited to be back to my safe haven.

Truth be told, I have been feeling so unmotivated about a lot of things. I mostly find myself lost in my thoughts and imaginations which have left me with no other souvenir other than headaches. I am learning to live every moment to the very best. I am also learning that it is okay to feel unmotivated; you don’t have to force it because it does not make you less yourself.

Life as a creative entrepreneur
Sometimes the entrepreneurial life of a creative like me could be a bit demanding and discouraging but I have learnt to celebrate my little wins. I have also learnt that consistency and surrounding yourself with the right people cannot be over looked.

Just keep moving
Sometimes in Febraury I started up my youtube channel. You can subscribe here

This month I finally held the first Catheyo school tour for this year with an amazing team. It was a moment of despicable impact.

I also have been working on a project (a new brand) for a while now; it is all about promoting Africa’s cultural heritage in style. I am so grateful to God for an amazing team I worked with all through. Yeah! I officially launched the clothing line this week, so you can check and follow us @afrowearz_

In addition if you have been following my blog post for a while now, you must know about my artistic skills but just in case you are new here I am an artist too. I decided to try something new; I introduced branded artistic notepads @prisciart_

Team work
I have been learning a lot about team work and networking. The just concluded school tour and the just launched clothing line have exposed me a lot to team work.

Getting bored
I am getting so bored of my environment; I need to visit some exciting places within Lagos or Ibadan. I am seriously thinking of that perfect spot, so your suggestions are welcomed oh. I can’t come and kill myself by myself.

What I have learnt so far
I am beginning to see the reality of what Martin Luther King Jnr said “if you can’t fly, run, if you can’t run walk and if you can’t walk crawl but by all means keep moving”. I am learning that sometimes, life would leave you with no other option than to crawl but in all keep moving forward.

How has life been lately for you? I would be very excited to hear your experiences, do well to drop them in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

Much love from Cathy

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  1. Its like you expected $12000 dollars last month you had only $1500, sombre right, but no chance to feel down. Work it through come on your feet stand and walk tall. Life

  2. Slowly but surely! We will get there. Well done dear