By Omugbe prisca - April 17, 2019

Sometimes our daily activities could become so overwhelming and our environment so uneasy. At this point maintaining your sanity is what really matters. This was the scenario I was in some few days back. Everything around me was so draining; I knew I needed to find a safe haven where I could cool off.

I needed a place where I was not going to spend so much because my account balance was dressed in red and still needed to derive maximum satisfaction. A friend suggested House 3 Guest House. It is located at road 6, Ire-Akari Estate, Oluyole Extension, along Akala Road, Ibadan.

I checked in on a Friday. My expectation of the guest house wasn’t so huge but I was taken aback by what I saw. I was thrilled by the facilities, it was way more than I expected. The environment was so lovely, neat and serene. The front desk officer and the staff were receptive.

My room was well furnished and very comfortable. I am not so much of the movie person so I had almost no business with the TV (you shouldn’t give me that weird look you know?). Having my phone, earpiece and a book with me was all I needed.

Oh! I almost left out the most essential part; they have a nice restaurant, all you need to do is place your orders and your meal would be served in few minutes so for all food lovers no need for worries.

When I got bored the coffee bar was the answer. I got to play lots of my childhood games that the demands of adulthood has deprived me of. The coffee bar was also a nice place to hang out and also meet new friends.

I left House 3 Guest House relaxed, refreshed and renewed to face my daily activities squarely.

I realized from this experience that one doesn’t need to spend so much to go on a little vacation or break or probably spend some time out. There are a lot of budget friendly places to visit, so if you are in Ibadan or planning to visit I highly recommend House 3 Guest House for your relaxation. Also for all the entire movie and sport lover you are covered.

Have you been to any budget friendly guest house before?

Dont forget to leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Thank you.

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  1. Is that my Rules of wealth. Omg i need a weekend off too. This is simply amazing. Thanks dear

  2. Such an awesome post! Thanks

  3. I totally agree, everyone needs this once in a while, thanks for the awesome post

  4. Hmmm! Awesome! Amazing pictures. I think I need more informason (hahaha) about this Ibadan. Thinking of honey moon you know ��������

    1. Yh I am very ready just keep me posted. Ibadan is cool oh

  5. Ibadan is still one of the most serene place to live in Nigeria. Weldone on this Prisca

  6. To get all this values in Lagos isn't pocket friendly. U can only achieve this outside of Lagos.

  7. I’m thrilled. I definitely need something like this right now

  8. Nice to discovered this place by you ..I will definitely be there for buz off day

  9. Looks like a nice place to cool off. Amazing post! Amazing pictures ��

  10. Being there once and it's a cool place to be. Thank you for reminding me of my next cool off.