By Omugbe prisca - April 03, 2019

Hello lovelies 😁

I can vivivdly remember Mr Anonymous saying "you don't need capital to start, you only need a good Idea". I felt he was blabbing but the next paragraph explains what I later understood from what he said.

You dont have to keep waiting to get what you want, but rather you use what you have yo get what you want. This has greatly worked for me.

A lot of people get scared of starting small. Starting small has only helped me to learn what works and what does not.

I recall my passion to impact lives with my thoughts, write-ups and knowledge. I started with what I had at the moment which was "a facebook page" but now I own a blog.

I also recall how I got my first speaking appointment. I was a bit nervous as a I walked into the school to see the principal to tell him about my intentions to speak to the graduating class. I never regreted it, it's been 4 years now and still counting.

It's been 7 years I set out on pursing my art skill. I recall I had insufficient money to pay for my art school tution. But I started with the little I had and I was finally asked to stay even after I exhausted the period I paid for.

I recall how I started up an idea which is now a reality (afrowearz) 6 months ago. It started like a child's play. I went to the market and randomly bought a few clothings to try out what was going on in my head. It came out really nice. For more details of afro wearz check here

Dear friend, I don't know what that idea is, but stop waiting for everything to be perfect. Just start. The picture only gets clearer when you start.

I will love to hear you share your views, opinions and experience in the comment section.

Am glad to have you read my blog post.
Nagode πŸ™ (Thanks in Hausa)

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