By Omugbe prisca - May 13, 2019

Permit me to say LG (life is good) even in the midst of all difficulties. These days I have been learning a lot which I would be sharing in the next few paragraphs. 

One step at a time
I have learnt that life is so complex and to successfully enjoy life you must make it simple for yourself by taking things a step at a time. I have learnt not to allow anything bother me especially things I can’t change.

Stay optimistic
I have learnt to be very optimistic and positive about life. I have learnt that no matter how bad things turn out sometimes; I must always see the positive side of everything; to speak positive things to myself because you become what you say. I have also learnt to keep dreaming and never allow my environment affect me because I have realized that every reality today began with a dream.

Gratitude Daily
I have learnt to be grateful for everything, both the good and the bad. Though being grateful in bad times could be a bit difficult but I have learnt that God is working behind the scenes. I remember resigning from my first job with the hopes of starting a master’s program but it was all an effort in futility. Now I can only look behind me and be grateful for the past few months because it has been moments of discovery.

Don’t Judge yourself
I have also learnt to take it easy on myself because sometimes I get so judgemental about some experiences. I have learnt to pick up lessons from every experience and move ahead. I cannot come and kill myself oh.

Trust God
I have learnt to completely trust God not keeping him as a backup plan and it´s greatly working. Most of us keep him as a backup plan unconsciously. 

 Be smart in life
1.     Jumping inside a slowly moving bus, omoh this Lagos living no be beans.
Here was what transpired;

Conductor: oshod! oshod!
Me: Ogah how much?
Conductor: N200, abeg enter with your shenge oh. Madam fast oh
Me: (thinking of how to enter, the bus was moving slowly)
Conductor: madam enter na, the bus don slow
Me: finally jumped in but like an amateur.
Passengers: ha ha ha ha ha ha! (All laughing)….. You be ajebuta pikin oh
Me: just smiled and kept quiet (it was actually my first time)

I am learning to be smart about a lot of things and still remain calm, cool and calculated.

Ignorance is no excuse

2.       I was surprised when a woman in her early forties or late thirties slapped a danfo conductor for price hike. The transport fare was increased by N50 unknowingly to her. Here is the conversation that transpired between them;

Madam: conductor why you de give me N50 as my shenge?
Conductor: your money na N150 na
Madam: ha, you no well, you go give me N50 join oh, if not I go bring my madness come out.
Conductor: abegi wetin you wan do?

Bus comes to halt

Conductor: oya last bus stop oh
Madam: slaps the conductor (very hot) and drags the money in his hand
I guess you know what will happen; fighting begins. I gently walked away oh, I cannot come and shout.

If only the lady had asked questions, she wouldn't have gone through all the stress. so I am learning to ask questions and be more inquisitive. 

what are you learning about life lately?  I will love to hear you share your experiences in the comment section.  


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you 😁, am glad you found it insightful.

  2. Lol
    I enjoyed the stories
    Great lessons too
    Thanks for sharing

    1. This is me 💃 dancing right now, am glad you enjoyed every bit of the article.

  3. Wow! Prisca,that's Lagos life for u o. I'm inspired and would try to change a lot of things by being patient with the conductor when it comes to giving me back my change as early as he received his money.
    Thanks a lot for the good work

    1. Lagos is crazy.. Lol
      Am glad you found it cool. Thanks for stopping by

  4. I almost felt as if I was in that bus jumping with

    Superb and catchy write up.

    Keep writing!

    1. Lol, thanks dear. An glad you liked it. Looking out for more of you here.

  5. Bankole Martins.17 May 2019 at 22:44

    I love this and most of all found this so beautifully captured.

    1. Awwwwnnnn thanks a bunch, am glad you liked it. Looking forward to have you back.