By Omugbe prisca - May 23, 2019

Just recently I was completely dazzled when the king of Swaziland said “marry more than one wife or risk jail terms” that was completely hilarious. For me, I would say “ignore side hustle and risk being broke at the middle of the month”

While I was growing I used to hear my parents and their friends say “na wa oh, money no de ever de reach person sef”. I will just look at them with that “yimu” look and say in my mind “money will always be enough, just wait till I start earning hundred thousand then I will prove that money can be enough”. Now I am earning one million and am still crying for money. Oh! Wait, did I just say one million? Well if you believe me then it’s fine… lol

I have grown to understand that to be like Dangote even though “say dangote de owe”, you must have various sources of income; a main hustle and various side hustles or hustle. If you haven’t given it a thought yet, you should start thinking of doing that.
I would be sharing with you three major reasons while you should start thinking of having a side hustle or hustles.

Static salary increment:
I can vividly remember my dad wearing a nice looking suit, looking all serious and looking all take away and when I say “dad where are you going?” he says “am going for my promotion interview” and the next time I see him so nicely and seriously dressed again is in the next four years. Asking the same question he says same thing. We live in a country where salaries are barely increased yearly and still the cost of living keeps sky rocketing. This is a reason while you need a side hustle to maintain that standard of living you have always dreamt of. 

we all have passion as humans. We all have that thing we do that brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment for us. Sadly, most times chasing that passion do not pay off in the short run so the need to get engaged in what is more profitable. This passion can be used as a side hustle and with time it would grow to become your main hustle. In essence while you have your main hustle, you keep developing that burning passion as a side hustle.

Job security:
If you observe carefully most of our body parts come in twos; two legs, two hands, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two kidneys etc. This is so, because when one breaks down, the entire system is not broken. Okay take a look at the Rolls Royce I just got, it absolutely came with a spare tire. Why that look? Have I said something that looks impossible? ... Lol. If most of our body parts comes in twos and even my new Rolls Royce, so while should you have only one source of income? What if you get laid off? What if your company folds up? What if something happens? What will you fall back to? You definitely need a side hustle my friend.

You might start trying to figure out which side hustle you might go for. No need for worries I got you covered. Take a look at a few side hustles you could engage in during weekends or after your job for the day. (This is my bonus for you ☺) 

1. Social media management for SME’s
2. Brand influencing
3. Taxify / uber
4. Online sales
5. Online marketing
6. Freelancing (writing, graphics design, photography etc.)
7. Blogging
8. Ushering
9. Home tutoring
10. Compere (master of ceremony MC)
11. Event planning
12. Cooking (special orders) and catering
13. Virtual assistance
14. Video making
15. Make up artistry
16. Photography etc.  


There are a lot you could do, just think about the one which seems much visible. Will be sharing in the next post, how to manage a side hustle with your main hustle especially a 9 to 5 job.
I hope this article was really insightful? I will love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. You're absolutely right. We shouldn't make the mistake of depending and planning on just our main jobs. Side hustles are equally important as main ones. Nice blog. I've check from time to time. Cheers. I'll follow you on socials,ill appreciate a follow back(ig/twitter name: @darkxhade).

  2. You are absolutely right. Glad to have you here.