By Omugbe prisca - July 12, 2019

Yeah, I finally got my mojo back. I have been meaning to write a blog post for ages but somehow I just keep procrastinating (this thing called procrastination sha). 2019 started on a very good note. I envisioned it to be an amazing one for me and am super grateful it has.

Now you can grab a chilled bottle of tiger nut drink to cool off while I take you through the journey of 2019 so far.

It’s really been an amazing year so far, my life has gone through a series of changes. Sometimes it feels magical when God start answering our long awaited prayers, it feels like a dream of the night. My mouth was at jar when I received a call to pick up my employment letter after 10 months of waiting (I strongly believed God was taking me through a process and was working out something for me). It was an interview I casually went for and am continually grateful to God for the opportunity and for also working with an amazing team.

I am learning to find balance. It could get a bit tasking trying to manage a 9 to 5 with all of my regular activities (blogging, vlogging, art, cloth brand and speaking) but I am learning to manage my time properly and taking intentional steps to make sure no aspect of my life suffers by God’s grace.

I am also learning that most times we pray about some particular issues especially the once that have persisted for so long but the truth is, do we really expect what we pray for? I am learning to intentionally pray with expectations.

I have always known myself not to be the person that loves to have millions of cloths but still believe in looking good. These days I am finding myself loving shoes! God please help my craving.

Home made tiger nut drink and fruits (banana and pineapple especially)

I am growing to understand that growing up does not just come with the benefits of being independent but also being responsible and being discipline.

Truth be told, Sometimes I do have some unanswered questions bothering me and anxiety tends to creep in but I have decided to pray about everything and trust him for his leading.

I miss Catheyo school tour, I miss connecting with those young adults. I look forward to organize a tour soon even though I know it is going to be a bit tasking.

I got more consistent with vlogging you can check it out here

Currently touring the city of Calabar. It is such a cool place to visit, very peaceful and beautiful. It a place to hide your head when the mega cities especially Lagos gets crazy.

My New faves
My new faves are Pastor Michael Todd and Sarah Jake's Robert. God has been using them to be such a blessing to me lately.

Any problem?
Hummmm, not really but at this point in time, I am believing God to direct me on some specific issues, sometimes it feels like a burden in my heart but I am trusting him to lead me per time.

I hope everything is going on well with you? How has the year been thus far?

I have really missed having you in my little space.

Much love

PS: Pictures taken at marina resort calabar

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