By Omugbe prisca - September 07, 2019

As I sat by my laptop writing my thoughts on how the last one year has been, I could not help but smile. It has been one year of Gods favour, grace and love.
The last one year started on a very rough note, I had a lot I was trusting God for. Things where not going as planned and it seemed to me like everything was working against me. It was a hard season for me but one thing kept me going; Gods word, his promises never fails.
In the next few paragraphs I will be sharing with you what the last one year has taught me and what I hope for in this New Year.

The last on year taught me to be patient and not only that but to maintain a positive and happy attitude while waiting.

Gods Promises Never Fails
There was a lot of times of discouragement but this one year has taught me to keep believing no matter how impossible everything seems.

The last one year has made me realise the power of friendship especially in your low moments. The company one keeps has great impact on one’s life.

God answers prayers
It was a season where I saw prayers coming to manifestation, not just only for me but for the people around me. Sometimes when prayers are answered it looks like a dream.

Take Risk
Oh yeah this in another thing the past 12 months taught me. I realized that to succeed, you must take risk. I watched my self-invest all I had into an idea (clothing) which I never knew what the outcome would be. It didn’t turn out so rosy at first but in the process I learnt what worked and what didn’t. In the long run it was worth it.

Dare Myself
The last one year taught be to explore my hidden potentials. I was amazed at what a shy girl like me could do (especially those thing I am passionate about). Starting up a YouTube channel, organising an outdoor shoot for the lunch of the clothing brand, taking up some responsibilities E.T.C.
The last one year has taught me to keep developing myself to become a better version of who I am.

The last one year has taught me that waiting seasons are not wasting seasons. Waiting seasons are times of self-discovery. I realised that when it seems like nothing is working and everything is slow, God is working behind the scenes and he allows us go through those season because there is a lot he wants us to learn.

Feeding Habit
This year taught me to take more of natural foods. Eat more fruit, take more water and take more natural drink. I guess this is a sign of maturity lol.

My wish for the New Year
  •   To keep growing and keep building capacity.
  • Get more consistent with my blog and vlog. 
  • Have a more intimate personal relationship with God.
  • Smile more, laugh more and live more. 
  • Hit the gym. I am gaining a lot of weight and more sadly mummy’s arm.
  • Learn and practice more picture possess because I am running out of ideas oh.
  • Eat more fruit and take more smoothies.

I hope this post encourages someone. I might not know what you are going through but all I know is that God got you, just have faith.

The youngest and newest 24 years old girl in the world is say a warm thank you for stopping by to read up her thoughts.

PS: you are all invited for the pari (party).

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