By Omugbe prisca - September 17, 2019

Fear is never a friend but most times we unconsciously make fear our companion. Though fear is a healthy emotion as long as we don’t allow it affect our pursuit. It is okay to feel afraid when starting out something new but harness those fears into strength. Fear keeps bringing in the “what ifs”; what if this effort never pays off and what if that idea was not worth it? But there is a lot on the other side of fear. On the other side of fear there is fulfillment, happiness and every other good thing you dream of, says "Richard Branson"

What if that effort pays off and what if that idea is worth turning you into a millionaire. Fear has kept a lot of us on a stand still. I am also guilty of this too. Fear keeps telling you are not enough, fear keeps bring negativity your way.  

I guess it won’t hurt to give that idea a trial, I guess it won’t hurt to visit that state, I guess it won’t hurt to chase that dream, I guess it won’t hurt to start that business, I guess it just won’t hurt!

What if it hurts?
This is my own opinion about taking risk; if it hurts I will learn what works and what does not because it is better to try than not try at all. It is better to look back at the end of your life time and say oh I did that and that, I can’t believe it, rather than saying I wish I did that.
As the popular saying goes “it is risky not to take risk”.

Break out of the shackles of fear, give that idea, that passion etc. a trial, so you don’t live in regrets at the end of your life time.

George Addair says “everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear”

Will Smith says “Taking a leap makes you realize that at the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear”.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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