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Yeah! Glad to have you back again. I am so passionate about this topic because for me it has been a struggle, a real struggle. I am tired of writing endless to-do list which I only stick to for the first few days. Hey! It’s not because am being lazy but sometimes I get overwhelmed. Combining work and life activities could be a bit hectic but being successful at both brings so much fulfillment.
In the next few paragraphs I will be sharing with you, six life hacks I have discovered that will help you create work-life balance.

Identify your driving force
The very sincere question you must ask yourself first is, what drives me? Without the sense of passion to live a fulfilled life, it is so easy to move to any direction life takes you. The truth is, life activities would never really help you be who you want to be (so much distractions). Wanting to create balance starts from the realization of the need for a balanced life. I have heard a lot of elderly people share their dreams but sadly life got so busy and they couldn’t create balance, they just decided to move with the flow, most times I see pain. Creating balance starts with a strong determination, I repeat a very strong determination.

Identify all the activities calling your attention.
This is a very important point which is mostly ignored, don’t make assumptions be clear about everything that demands your attention at one point in time; ranging from your regular 9-5 job, to having a side hustle, to marriage, to a relationship, to family, to your mobile phone (lol, very important) and lots more. The truth is that you can’t split yourself; you can’t be everywhere at the same time so there is need to plan. Getting all of these information would properly help you plan.

Time blocking
Use time blocking for all your activities. This is simply allocating time durations to your to do list. Don't just make a to do list without assigning timelines. I am a to-do list princess but I never allocate time duration to them, so most times some important activities are left undone. Time blocking is essential when you have a lot of activities for the day, for example instead of saying I will do social media for 30 minutes, you could say, social media from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm. Note that you must be realistic with the timing, avoid ambiguity.

You can use google calendar or your phone calendar or get a notepad. There are also some apps that would help out such as Trello and lots more. Just identify what works for you either the E-time blocking manager or Hard copy time blocking planner. For me I prefer the hard copy time blocking planner but would also use the E-time block management tool.

Would you prefer a hard copy time blocking planner or the electronic one?
Let me also know if you would love to get a hard copy Time Blocking Planner for 2020 in the comment section.

Almost similar to time blocking but a bit different though. Here you have to decide to schedule a major activity for a particular day to avoid being overwhelmed. For me I can decide to pick a particular Monday for writing my blog post and Tuesday for video making. Though I would have other minor activities for that day but the major activity for that day would be to write a blog post.  Sticking to routines can be a bit tiring but they are definitely helpful and worth it.

This is another area a lot of us are lagging behind. We want to do everything by ourselves but the truth is you can’t do everything by yourself if you must be efficient. When climbing up the ladder of life responsibility keeps adding up, that is why we need to get people to do somethings for us even though it’s at the expense of a little Penney. Imagine being a you-tuber with a 9-5 and other activities, spending about an hour shooting a video and another 3 hours editing it. Instead of spending 3 hours editing, I could as well get someone to edit the video and I pay for that service. Yours could differ but at every point you could delegate.

Virtual Assistance
If you are a really busy person I would also suggest you get a virtual assistant. A virtual Assistant is a person who provides administrative services to clients by operating remotely. Their duties are dependent on your needs. Some VA handle traveling arrangements, appointment, schedules, book keeping, while others may be involved in social media management, writing blog articles, graphic designing and lots more. To get a VA, you can check them up on Freelancer, FiverrUpwork and lots more.

I hope I was able to keep this as simple as possible? I also hope this piece was helpful too?

Don’t hesitate to share your experience on how you were able to create balance with work and life. Also if you are struggle too don’t forget to hit the comment section lets discuss. Don’t also hesitate to share other hacks you may know.

PS: Let me also know if you would love to get a hard copy Time Blocking Planner for 2020 in the comment section (add your email address to the comment)

Happy New Month lovelies. I hope this Post helps us as we prepare for the new year.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Great read.
    Well done Prisca. Keep pushing them out. You've got this.

  2. This will be very useful in 2020,I will definitely come back to read this again and again. Thank you!

  3. Awwwnnn. Thanks for stopping by. Am glad to always have you here and ultimately glad you found it insightful.

  4. Great stuff Prisca!
    Great Read!