By Omugbe prisca - January 08, 2020

Happy New year!
Happy New Decade 😊

2019 was a beautiful year indeed. A year with a lot of gbas gbos (challenges) and opportunities. Fasten your seat belt as we take off on the journey of 2019.


Just when I thought I had become a pro in adulting, (see 2018 review here) adulting unveiled another phase. I was seriously faced with the issue of creating balance with all of my activities. It reflected here on the blog and my YouTube channel as I wasn’t so consistent as usual. If you struggled with creating balance in 2019 here are some tips I discovered that would help you this year.

Landing another Job

Your girl landed another Job after 10 months (yeaaahhh prayer answered) and yeah it isn’t as crazy as the first. Isn’t it amazing how God works behind the scenes? When I couldn’t figure out the possible way out anymore, his light was just at the end of the tunnel.


I wasn’t so ambiguous about the number of books to read in 2019. The goal was to read at least a book every quarter. I read a few books which includes;

  • Goals by Brian Tracy
  • Small Business Big Money by Akin Alabi
  • Honey we need to talk by David Clarke
  • Keys to Marriage by Myles Munroe 

I didn’t read so much in 2019 but I did more of watching YouTube videos on faith, relationship, lifestyle and self-help. In 2020 I am upgrading my reading game, so I am joining a book club.


I saw only one spontaneous movie in 2019 which is Sugar Rush. I suck at seeing movies, please who else does?


I have fully accepted the name ''Ajala the traveler''. I visited two states in Nigeria this year; Cross River State and Bayelsa State. Will be blogging about my Calabar experience in my next post. Calabar was a worthwhile experience and I enjoyed every bit of my stay.

The Struggle

In 2019, what I struggled with majorly was creating balance. Procrastination and inconsistency got the best part of me but in 2020 my watch word is "Consistency". I am taking every bull by it's horn.

Social Media Influence

In 2019 I took leverage of social media especially Instagram and YouTube. I was able to connect with a lot of people. These connections transformed me positively. In 2020 I would connect more and I hope to also inspire others via my social media activities.


I only attended one seminar in 2019 "YECO" by Akin Alabi in Ibadan which I blogged about here. I was also able to organize one Catheyo Initiative School Tour in March with the help of an amazing team.


Owambe (Wedding party) is not my thing as you know but these days I am beginning to fall with the parte after parte flow (party). I only attended one Owambe in 2019. My sister from another mother got married. In 2020 I look forward to attending more owambes (I pray oh).


I really didn't do so much with art in 2019. I translated art to notepads and upgraded my clothing line (we lunched out in March 2019). I hope to do more with the clothing line this 2020, so stay tuned.

Blogging Goals

Blogging for me is more than just writing. It has given me a platform to express myself and create impact. It has also been a source of finance too 😊. Though in 2019 I wasn't so consistent as I was in 2018 but in this year I am ready to serve you consistently. Thanks for you continuous encouragements. Cheers to a greater 2020.


I remain grateful for the year 2019 and I look forward to a more greater year (2020)
In 2020 I am choosing the following;

1. Consistency
2. Impact
3. Go beyond boundaries
4. Positive vibes
5. Daily Gratitude.

What was 2019 like for you?  And what are you choosing to do differently in 2020. What is also your watch word for this Year? 

Don't hesitate to drop your comments, let's discuss.


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  1. Replies
    1. 2019 was glorious thanks to God for the journey mercies to zone A,B&C,every month tour out of Minna.the experience was good &bad,fun, stressful with demands ,escape from kidnappers and making a life changing decision.2020 will be mind blowing fulfilling of dreams, aspirations and destiny as I look forward to new experiences in my new job.

    2. 2019 was an amazing year indeed. I can imagine that tour out of Minna with the really bad roads. Thank God for safety. Yes 2020 is going to be mind blowing. Thanks for leaving a comment. Wishing you the very best in your new job.