By Omugbe prisca - February 09, 2020

Yesterday, I was at the bus stop on my way back from work waiting for a tricycle (Popularly called “Keke na pep” or “Maruwa”), suddenly my attention was drawn to a plumpy dark tall man who was holding another man of his same stature and height. They were waiting to cross the road. I guess the man being held was in this early forties or late thirties. I also noticed the man was holding a white cane which implied that he was blind or visually impaired. I watched them crossed the road and the man helped the blind man into an empty tricycle. Fortunately, I also boarded the same tricycle. I watched the man for a while and immediately the word “gratitude” stuck me.

Sometimes we get carried away by the worries of life that we forget to see the little things we are privileged to enjoy. We complain about not having money, not having a befitting job, not owning a house, not having a booming business, etc.

How about being grateful for having a mouth.

How about being grateful for having a sound mind.

How about being grateful for having functional hands.

How about being grateful for having functional legs.

How about being grateful for having functional eyes.

How about being grateful for having functional ears.

How about being grateful all your internal organs are functioning properly.

Ultimately how about being grateful you are alive.

I watched this man all the way until he highlighted, he was happy. 

Remember the saying “once there is life there is hope”. The God that kept you also has a purpose, just trust him.
Before you complain remember that somebody somewhere wishes to have those very little things you see as insignificant.

I hope this was an insightful post I would love to hear your thoughts, kindly hit the comment sections lets discuss.


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    1. Yeah very true. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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    1. Thanks baby girl. Am to have you stop by😊

  3. goal this year is to be more grateful.. Thank you for the reminding us. Great write up!

    1. That's a great goal. I am joining you dear 😊