By Omugbe prisca - March 21, 2020

Hey guys, how are you doing? How do you feel about this COVID-19? Sincerely it's a bit scary but in this season I am allowing Faith rule rather than fear.

In the midst of the happenings around the world, we must find reasons to be happy and on this note, I will be sharing random facts about me.

I often share a lot of my personal experiences here but not so sure you really know me, this is also part of the reasons I am deciding to share this. I would also love to hear some random facts about you too in the comment section. let me also know if we share any together. 

Here I go.

  1. Using Elevators scares the hell out of me (I practically close my eyes when in the elevator)
  2. I speak English and Pidgin
  3. I love moms jean/boyfriend jean
  4. The tight cloth thing is not for me, it itches my body
  5. I love Red (mild) and nude coloured lipstick
  6. My best colors are; white, black and ash
  7. I am a minimalist
  8. I have visited only 12 states in Nigeria
  9. I love cute portable cars
  10. I am a 2-4 inch heel lover
  11. I love mules
  12. I don’t have a favorite food
  13. I hate slimy soups
  14. I hate beef because of the rope-like strands that get stuck in my teeth.
  15. I love taking pictures.
  16. I understand Yoruba and Igbo language.
  17. I hate dogs
  18. I love cool music
  19. I love working out (laziness is fighting me but I am fighting back)
  20. I prefer hard copy books
  21. I love to underline “deep” sentences when reading
  22. I don’t like sleeveless cloths
  23. I prefer trousers to skirt
  24. I am not a fan of Pizza and Shawarma
  25. The smell of cigarette puts me off
  26. I don’t like having contact with life chicken.
  27. I enjoy the shower
  28. I can’t swim
  29. I enjoy groundnut in my Golden Morn and Cornflakes
  30. I love seeing worship videos
  31. I am not freaked about sneakers maybe sometimes in the future.
  32. I enjoy drinking Garri and Groundnut
  33. I enjoy my noodles with a lot of veggies and egg (boiled)
  34. I have freckles on my face
  35. I am a bit shy
  36. I am 80% introverted and 20% extroverted
  37. Heavy make-up is not a thing for me but I love my eyebrows to be on fleek
  38. My face turns red when I am angry
  39. My both ears move upward and downward whenever I want them too
  40. Traveling and seeing new places is a thing for me

It's your turn, I am waiting to hear from you 


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  1. Lol, that was a fun read. 1 & 26 are true for me too

    1. Oh wow, you phobia for elevator too? Thanks for stopping by girl. Good to know I am not alone for getting scared of life chicken

  2. I know of that garri and ear going up and down lol

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yeah right. Thank you darling

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yeah right. Thank you darling

  4. Hahaha I sincerely don't know why you are scared of dogs oooh.

    And imagine you can't swim to save yourself ooh...smh

    Learn ooh

    Anyways, I love lullaby songs (slow and gentle), movies, adventure (travelling&tour), music, long meaningful gist and pampering (my best!).

    Lol. Thank you!

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 I have a thing dogs I just can't explain. Will learn swimming soon. You love lullaby and pampering 🤣🤣 wow those two got me. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣 I have a thing dogs I just can't explain. Will learn swimming soon. You love lullaby and pampering 🤣🤣 wow those two got me. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I love Garri like!

    And I love dogs too ��

    1. Yeah 💃💃we are twinning with Garri 😅😅. Good to know you love dog's but for me its a No No. Thanks for by Jeremiah