By Omugbe prisca - April 17, 2020

  1. Do what you can when you can. There is really no time to procrastinate.
  2. The human race will always need God.
  3. It is good to make plans for tomorrow but I am reminded that tomorrow is only guaranteed by God.
  4. Don't get too busy that you do not have time for your family because family is everything. It is the last resort. Build your marriage and spend time with your family.
  5. Money is a great weapon but the saying money answers all things has been negated in this season.
  6. Create time for healthy habits. Don't neglect exercise and feeding healthy.
  7. At the end of it all, it is our relationship with God that really matters. This season has revealed that God is everything.
  8. Run with every vision you have because if the world ends today you would feel sad that you didn't.
  9. Live your life to the fullest. Take a vacation when you need to. See the world if you can.
  10. Delayed self-gratification is advised but don't over do it. Sometimes celebrate your wins.
  11. Don't keep grudges. Love, live, laugh and forgive. Life is so full of uncertainties.
  12. Love with all your heart. There is no time for pretense.
  13. Value your friends and family.
  14. There is no excuse like "not enough time", discipline is mostly what is lacking.
  15. Glad you came through to this point, you are my real MVP.

What has this season taught you? Will love to hear from you in the comment section.

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  1. Good content Prisca.
    This time has taught me:

    - the importance of verifying information before casting your beliefs on them.

    - Service to God and humanity is all that matters in the end

    - Self development is important, yet often times neglected because o multitude of activities

    - We need to find time to relax, chill and breath!

    1. Thank you Sammie

      You are definitely right at the end of the day it is our service to God and humanity that really matters. Admist a the hustle and bustle we must find time to rest.

      We often procastinate on self development matters cos we "busy". Thank you Sammie valid points made